Download by buying a subscription.
You can choose the amount of calendar days and quota per day in GB (Minimum price: 10.00$).
The price is calculated by multiplying the days with the quota.
Price per GB is 0.20$.
With a subscription you can download the desired quota per calendar day at full speed.
Unused quota accumulates.
You can always use your subscription one day longer than chosen, but the extra day doesn't add new quota.

You need to remember your subscription id.

Subscriptions are not recurring.

2018-11-17 03:24:28

Create your subscription

Black Friday deals (only available from 16-25)

Days: 7, Daily: 20GB, Total: 140GB 28$ 19.6$

Days: 14, Daily: 20GB, Total: 280GB 56$ 39.2$

Days: 30, Daily: 20GB, Total: 600GB 120$ 84$

Days: 180, Daily: 10GB, Total: 1800GB 360$ 252$

Days: 365, Daily: 5GB, Total: 1825GB 365$ 255.5$

Price: 10$

Total quota: 50GB

First you have to choose the amount of calendar days and daily quota for your subscription then hit create, which will bring you to your actual payment page for the subscription.
By creating an account you accept the ToS

View your subscription

If you already got a subscription id, enter your subscription id here to go back to your payment page.
Or if you already paid the subscription, you can see the details for the subscription.

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